Clear Roof Marquee Hire in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Clear Roof Marquee Hire in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

If you want something extra special and the ability to wow your guests then think about opting for a clear roof marquee. They work especially well in all weather to showcase stunning locations or properties. In the winter you can feel like you're outside but remain warm, cosy and protected from the elements. And in the summer you can let in more natural light as the clear roof panels bring the outside in.

Clear roofs can be combined with white roofs to create the effect of a series of rooms within the marquee. Add a clear roof above the dance floor area and on a clear night your guests will be able to dance under the stars, truly an experience.

Marquee interior design

You can select a colour scheme which will complement the overall effect of the marquee. We can supply elaborate chandeliers, spotlights, lighting for special effects and lighting rigs over the dance floor if necessary.

More Than Marquees

We offer more than just marquees. To ensure your event runs smoothly we can put together a team of staff including caterers, musicians, waiters and more- just ask us for more information.

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