Winter Marquee Hire in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Winter Marquee Hire in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Some people think that a winter event can mean guests standing ankle deep in water whilst others will battle against the wind blowing through the tent. Luckily, this is far from the truth!

In the midst of winter marquees can be luxuriously warm using our indirect heating systems. Our solid wooden floors can be installed even on the most difficult sites at any time of the year. You'll probably forget you're even outside!

Winter Hire

Our large stock of solid walling, glass windows and doors will keep out even the most testing of elements. Rain, wind, hail or snow? No problem for us. Our modern frame marquees are capable of withstanding high winds and our controlled heating can make the environment just as warm and cosy as they are in the summertime.

We can create the venue of your dreams anywhere that you have space and we can build everything you need inside your marquee so your guests can stay out of the elements throughout the event.

Venue location service

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