Hire a Marquee in Haywards Heath

Marquee Hire in Haywards Heath

When you’re organising a major event, and need a little extra space, Petworth Marquee Hire is here to lend a helping hand. We’re a family owned business and we’ve been providing quality installations in areas such as Haywards Heath for the last 30 years. During that time, we’ve developed a reputation for meeting our clients’ needs and delivering a high level of service at a great cost.

A range of different marquee styles and sizes to suit almost any occasion.
Clear top and open side marquees that look magnificent.

All the fixtures, fittings and decorations that you could ever want.

Great heating solutions which allow you to run those winter events.

We’re not just creating a space that you can fill. Our aim when you hire one of our Marquees in Haywards Heath is to design the perfect environment for your event. That could be dressing and decorating the area for a wedding celebration that transports your guests to another world. It could mean setting up the stalls and seating for a grand corporate event. It might involve putting up a whole range of different marquees for a major festival or sponsorship event.

Whenever we are approached by a client to arrange a marquee, we always begin by looking at their specific needs and putting in the right plans to make their dream come true. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or corporate event, big or small, we devote the same resources and skills to each occasion.
If you need to a great space for your next event in Haywards Heath, contact the professional team at Petworth Marquee Hire right now.

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