Hire a Marquee in East Grinstead

Find the best marquee hire in East Grinstead today!
If you’re planning a wedding or other celebration in the near future, you may well need extra space. Hiring a marquee is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. It can provide a brilliant covered area for guests to have fun in and it’s easy to install. At Petworth Marquee Hire we work closely with all our clients to ensure that we deliver the high-quality installation they are looking for.

Our focus is always on the client and what they want. Over the last 25 years, we’ve been able to collect together a wide range of hire marquees for almost any occasion. We can deliver for weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties but also work with businesses in an around East Grinstead to cater for corporate and sponsorship events.

We can provide large marquees for hundreds of guests or smaller, more intimate ones for those family occasions. It’s not just the marquee that we install either. If you need all the whistles and bells we can provide those too, from clean wood flooring, hidden heating for those winter events, lighting, and fixtures and fittings such as tables and chairs. Our aim is always to get your marquee hire looking exactly as you want it.

If you are looking for a quality marquee hire in East Grinstead, contact our dedicated team at Petworth today to see how we can work with you to deliver on your dream event.
If you have an event soon in the East Grinstead area, contact the Petworth Marquee Hire team today.